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I was really hoping to get away from giving either of them antibiotics for their first year.  Hence I didn’t enroll them in swimming classes (in case of ear infections) and I gave them breast milk (pumped, with formula supplement) for the first six months a la World Health Organization recommendations to pass on antibodies.

A recent Canadian study found a strong link between between antibiotic use in the first year and asthma, see http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=81720 

Done in by a toenail.  I took Angus in to see a pediatrician at the Kensington clinic and she recommended oral antibiotics as his ingrown toenail was infected and the infection had spread down to the joint.  I was tempted to leave it a couple days to see if it would clear up with soaking and topical antibiotic ointment but he was in pain. I can remember having an infected ingrown toenail and it throbbed with pain.  So we got him on them right away as the pediatrician recommended. 

Then a couple days later Kieran spiked a temp of 39.5 After speaking to an expert (my sister, an ER nurse), I also took him into the clinic.  Checked out his ears, throat, chest and all was fine so no antibiotics for Kieran. Virus is the suspect.  A couple bad nights and the fever now seems under control. 

So here we have an unintentional experiment – identical twins, one getting antibiotics first year, one not (so far).  Hopefully we will get nil results on this one!


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  1. Ok now Angus has to go to Daycare to counteract the antibiotics. (http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=92542)

  2. Yep, hence Gymboree class (wish they would stop washing the toys,l et the germs live!). Also need to hang out with more dogs – they supposedly have a protective effect!

  3. worst thing is kids who never get a cold before they go to school – then they are sick all the time. I took my kids everywhere when they were babies and exposed them to all sorts of germs and now they rarely ever get sick. But stay away from Crash Crawly’s. That place is a germy pit – kids got sick everytime we went. eeeww

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