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I am currently on maternity leave with my eight month old identical twin boys.  I will be going back to work in four months, when they are a year.  With this blog I hope to provide my insights on raising twins in general and identical twins in particular.  I am starting it when they are eight months old but I will add my reflections on the pregnancy and the early months as well. Hopefully this will be helpful to other parents of twins.  I think the reflection on how it was after the fact will be more useful than the real time.


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  1. Checking it out

  2. RE: Bloh

    Obviously you have put a lot of time and effort into this. Should be helpful for parents of twins. As always a sense of humour helps to retain one’s sanity when dealinfg with challenging situations.

  3. As a 53 year old, identical twin …let the boys express their individuality when they’d like to. I love being a twin but there are differences in our personalities as there are in all siblings. I didn’t always want to dress the same as my sister. We had different tastes in clothes. As we grew older, we chose to dress alike on many occasions because it was fun! Enjoy your twins and tell them to take full advantage of the opportunity that they were born into!! Mine and my twin sister’s motto has always been “You buy one, you get one free”! or Mi Casa est Su Casa!! Cindy

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