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BOTH slept through the night…break out the bubbly!


The whole night started out horrendously – decided to let Angus cry for 10 minutes when we put him down  – it was bad, bad bad!  I can’t do that again.  After 10 minutes he was sobbing and heaving and couldn’t get his breath.  Even when I picked him up.  Finally brought him to my bed and lay with him until he went to sleep.  So forget the cry it out method for me, I’m sure if I left him long enough he would eventually sob himself to sleep but by that time I’d be sobbing myself to sleep too.  Put Kieran down in the usual manner, lay beside him until he fell asleep and then transferred him to his bed.

Then Gus and I both went upstairs to sleep (we’ve been doing this the last three nights – otherwise we wake to every peep, this way we only wake when they cry).  I woke at…not 11 PM..not 2 AM……not 3:30 AM but 5 AM to….SILENCE!  Neither baby was awake yet and neither had cried through the night – I couldn’t believe it when I looked at my watch! 

I lay there is silent bliss until 6 AM when Kieran woke.  Beseto (fat cat) woke Gus at 5 AM by lying across his face.  He wasn’t impressed.

Okay it was only one night but cross my fingers we may, may, may , may finally be there?  They just turned nine months.  And it has been a long, hard sleep deprived nine months (and longer, I don’t think I really slept for the last three months of the pregnancy). 

Will try again tonight…shhhhhh!  Babies sleeping!