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The Trip was Wonderful (till the last leg home)

My seventeen year old niece and sister each took a baby for two nights and I slept out in their trailer so I couldn’t even hear any fussing.  Two nights uninterrupted sleep – bliss! It’s funny how you are almost tireder when you catch up on sleep – it’s like your body gets used to the interruptions.  I have become a bit of an insomniac since getting up through the night with the babies but I did get a couple good sleeps in.

It was great having more hands around to help with babies and the three little girls (ten, seven, and four) played and played and played with the babies, keeping them entertained.  So in a way it would be easier with twins if you had more kids!

Teagan, my ten year old niece, managed to keep them entertained on the long trip home.  But after I dropped her off and did the last hour on my own – screaming, sobbing babies.  And bumper to bumper traffic to boot.  Very difficult as there is nothing you can really do…I tried talking, singing etc.  I finally had to pull off the freeway and give them a baby mum mum to chew on.  That worked for awhile but then I was worried they would choke on their cookies!  We eventually made it home.  Just trying to get them back on some semblence of a schedule.

Sleep is the theme that keeps comin


5 Hour Trip Alone with Two Babies

Okay, not really alone.  I am bringing my ten year old niece for assistance.  My husband is worried I will be turning around in the seat if the babies start fussing and drive right off the road.  No need to worry, I am ultimate careful when driving with my babies.

We did do one 5 hour (turned into 9 hours) trip before. but Gus was with me.  The way there was fine, the way back a nightmare. 

The trick is to drive when they are sleeping.  This means getting up early, like 4 AM cause they will sleep till 7 AM, when it is time for first bottle.  They then have their cereal at 8 Am and are ready for a 2 hour nap at 9 AM which means another two hours of uniterrrupted driving.  Then 11 AM bottle, 12 PM lunch and back down again at 1 PM.  The two hour stops make the trip much longer but truly more pleasant than driving with them awake in their carseats, they get bored and fussy after 20 minutes or so when they are awake.

Will post again upon return.