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5 Hour Trip Alone with Two Babies

Okay, not really alone.  I am bringing my ten year old niece for assistance.  My husband is worried I will be turning around in the seat if the babies start fussing and drive right off the road.  No need to worry, I am ultimate careful when driving with my babies.

We did do one 5 hour (turned into 9 hours) trip before. but Gus was with me.  The way there was fine, the way back a nightmare. 

The trick is to drive when they are sleeping.  This means getting up early, like 4 AM cause they will sleep till 7 AM, when it is time for first bottle.  They then have their cereal at 8 Am and are ready for a 2 hour nap at 9 AM which means another two hours of uniterrrupted driving.  Then 11 AM bottle, 12 PM lunch and back down again at 1 PM.  The two hour stops make the trip much longer but truly more pleasant than driving with them awake in their carseats, they get bored and fussy after 20 minutes or so when they are awake.

Will post again upon return.


The Second Post: I guess I should explain a few things…

The fall (twice) from our deck to bushes below

The fall (twice) from our deck to bushes below

My husband and I are both 43, the twins are eight months old, identical twin boys. Apparently very identical though they look quite different to me.  The cats are about seven or eight years old (not sure, they came with the husband) and are fraternal twins. Very fraternal.  One is fat, has long black hair and has cost us about a million dollars in vet bills.  The other is very slim, black and white short hair and has fallen from the balcony of our top floor condo to the ground (twice), bouncing off the roof below (about five stories) . Gus went and fished her out of the bushes, slight limp one time, never had a vet bill. Gus took a photo of the fall.

The babies love the cats, and squeal with pleasure whenever they spot one.  The cats do not love the babies and go through great lengths to avoid them.  Babies are just starting to crawl. Things should get interesting.

The First Post: Not Sleeping Through the Night with Twins

The boys are eight months old now and I am sorry to all you parents of twins, triplets and other multiples that are searching for information on the number one issue with multiples i.e. sleep solutions – no, they are still not sleeping through the night.  They are better (one often does) but still no consistency.  I’m quite sure the problem right now is the four new teeth that each are dealing with  –  infant tylenol and infant motrin are getting us some hours of sleep.  I’ve read all the sleep books and advice books – “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” ; “Baby Whisperer”, Burton White, “Twelve Hours by Twelve Weeks”.  No I haven’t read Ferber – letting my babies sob themselves to sleeep just doesn’t work for me.  Some evoultionary psychologists believe human babies are not designed to sleep twelve hours.  My husband sent me an interesting link from an anthropologist at Texas A&M Universtity http://kathydettwyler.org/detsleepthrough.html

Right now all I can do is take some comfort in knowing that they will be teenagers one day and we won’t be able to get them out of bed in the morning.  Also, we seem to have the daytime naps down – they both sleep for 1.5 – 2 hours morning and afternoon.  But for those long nights of a few hours sleep here and there, all we can do for now is slog on…..