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About the Cats

Since the name of the Blog is Identical Twins and two cats I guess I should mention something about the cats.  You can probably tell I am not really into the cats.  They came with Gus and were full grown and had a full hate-on for me when I came into the picture.  We eventually got to a place where we respectfully ignored each other.  Then when I was off on sick leave due to my twin pregnancy, we actually became quite fond of each other.  They would curl up with me and purr, one liked sitting on my belly, I felt like she was “hatching” the twins.  Then the babies came and I’m sure the cats were thinking “What the hell happened?” because there was absolutely no time for purring or cuddles with them.  Things have calmed down somewhat and we are in somewhat of a routine now that the babies are 8 months old but of course the cats have not fogiven me for ignoring them for eight months. So we’re kind of back to the respectfully ignoring stage.  The babies are fascinated by them.


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