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Sleeping with Baby(ies)

Two well rested twins, 8 months old

Two well rested twins, their parents don't look this good.

Sleeping with babies is not recommended.  Experts say it can be a cause of SIDS.  So when my guys were first born, they never slept with me.  Even when I went to get them in their crib at 3 AM and I took them to my bed to feed them, I always returned them to their cribs.  Even when they were so cuddly and molded against me and all I wanted to do was to drift off with this cuddly baby – I would startle awake to my SIDS paranoia and return them to their bumper free crib in their sleep sacks (all things that were supposed to ward off SIDS, did I mention I was paranoid?).  More on SIDS some other post.

Somewhere around the six month mark I started lying down with Kieran during his nap – he would drift off quickly when I was there.  And then I started taking him to my bed when he woke up in the night.  And then I would take Angus to bed when he woke.  Gus would come in the morning and find all three of us in various positions, with walls of pillows I had built around them to stop them from rolling onto the floor.  I knew it was a bad idea but at 3 AM when you are so tired and sleep deprived, you take the easy solution, something that will get them back to sleep quickly so everyone can sleep.

Thing is, only the babies really sleep.  I now take Kieran to bed almost every night when he wakes.  and he turns, and squirms, and kicks, and pushes his soother into my face and grabs my hair.  But when he’s asleep I can sleep too.  And when he’s screaming in the other room, I can’t.  Latest solution has been me on a mattress on the floor in their room which worked okay last night (first attempt), I can hush them with my voice when they wake.  We were going to take turns on the mattress but they are at a stage when they only want mommy and we only have one of those.

We are away on vacation for a week.  We are considering something more draconian upon our return (Ferber?  I don’t think I cn do it) but I really need these guys sleeping through the night before I go back to work, three short months away!

Will post when we get back.


2 Responses

  1. Come to the darkside!!! We got 8 straight hours last night, although I only have one and have to go back to work in 3 weeks.

  2. wow trace! they’ve grown so much since i saw them in june. great photo! hope you’re catching some good long ZZZZZsss these nights. see you soon, L

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